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Art Jewelry Group Exhibition

15.11.2019 – 31.12.2019

The Winter Project – Art Jewelry Group Exhibition

Alexandra Albini – Carsten From Andersen – Gabriella Fuentes – Gail Corrie – Hilde Leiss – Louise Billgren – Mette Ravn – Mette T. Jensen – Yuki Ferdinandsen

Art Jewelry exhibition – The Winter Project – presenting 8 international artists working with clay, silver, gold, and stone.

And presenting the object of The Winter Project – THE WHEEL 
The wheel as a symbol of existence and life – by Mette Ravn.
The obstacles we meet on the road of life either break us down or build us up. An admiration and inspiration from people who no matter how difficult their life conditions seem – find a positive way of living. A broken ‘’wheel’’ is NOT the end of your life.

The Winter project – 1 out of 8 – GAIL CORRIE
Whilst living in the South of France Gail has been inspired by the Marine Life to create a collection using the shells of Spider Crabs and Oysters.
Each Spider Crab or Oyster has been prepared with multiple coats of Gesso for strength and then gilded with precious metals, either 22k Moon Gold, Silver Leaf, or Dutch Faux Gold.

The Winter project – 2 out of 8 – ALEXANDRA ALBINI
The fascinating, suggestive, and powerful creations of Alexandra Albini originate from moldable material permitting them to magnify their natural force and beauty. They unfold a story of many places visited, long journeys across the world, and of a past with its quests that return as a constant fountain of inspiration.

The Winter project – 3 out of 8 – HILDE LEISS
“Hilde’s Jewelery: Power. Pride. Poetry…
Normalcy and the ordinary often prevail elsewhere - but raising customers’ sensibilities and awareness for the truly different and then in the process possibly change individuals viewing patterns - that is Hilde’s declared mission.”

The Winter project – 5 out of 8 – GABRIELA FUENTES
Gabriela’s approach to jewellry design rejects purely commercial demands;
her pieces are often generous in scale and in their use of silver, rich fabrics, and stones. Drawing from her traditional cultural background, but using contemporary innovative design, her work has a timeless and passionate beauty. She explores the boundary between jewellry and fashion, often combining metal and fabric.

The Winter project – 4 out of 8 – YUKI FERDINANDSEN & CARSTEN FROM ANDERSEN
Two of Denmark’s most recognized and individualistic silversmiths.
Each presents their signature techniques - ARARE and DRY STONE – marking the silver surface with the hammer.
Yuki Ferdinandsen lets hail gently fall on the surface of her artworks. A Japanese technique ARARE – means hail. Small ball-shaped points in regular rows on the surface of various metals. Uniting Japanese traditions with Danish Modern design in order to create unique works of art. While Carsten From Andersen, fascinated by old stone fences, houses, and mounds, begins with a blank silver canvas and hammers shapes of stones to create the characteristic bumps. “The two silversmiths complement each other – they are different and yet related, different but the same.”

The Winter project – 6 out of 8 – METTE T. JENSEN
Jewellry is designed to use 3D forms in sculptural pieces that can be worn but also has an existence on their own. The aim is to design jewellry that makes viewers wonder, smile, dream, or see new possibilities. In this collection, the main materials are wood and silver and the inspiration comes from the wood and its characteristics as well as sculptures, types of furniture, ships, and architecture – says Mette.

The Winter project – 7 out of 8 – LOUISE BILLGREN
‘My aesthetic approach to the jewelry materializes from my joy of process - by the spontaneous, the natural, and the intuitive - and by a sensitivity to the raw and unpretentious. A large part of my collection is based on my work with imprints of occurrences in nature. The prints are carefully fragmented, molded, and converted into precious metal. Thus, my work with jewelry has a natural aesthetic flow, which results in products with a tactile effect that speak to the senses.’ explains Louise.

The Winter project – 8 out of 8 – METTE RAVN
‘My fascination lies in exploring ceramic materials ́ abilities and possibilities. I love to challenge my ceramic competence and challenge the ceramics - to find the outer limits of the ceramic. Clay is my passion! The greatest challenge is always to seek the optimal. Creating an evolving process is always a challenge - you can never relax until you get it going, but when you finally get that feeling…it is very rewarding for your soul.’