RVNHUS is housed in Klostergade 12, in a gently renovated old fish house from 1899 in the town center of Kolding. The lovely old fish house frames the setting of RVNHUS as a vibrant workstudio and gallery spaces engaging global innovators, artists, and creatives that transcends our expectations of a traditional gallery, beyond display.


Because art matters, art creates a better world, art can connect us and inspire us, art opens up dialog and challenges your imagination. But most of all – it communicates with you. You can feel the art.

We not only want to show what the artist does, but why. The purpose of the artists distinguished style. RVNHUS is all about feeling and seeing the artists energy, eagerness, performance.

Rvnhus believes in craft, authentic touch, intellectually engaging ideas. With the hope to awaken, and spark new ideas for people, for Kolding, for the world.


RVNHUS is a platform for ideas and cultures
– a house of possibilities.


RVNHUS headquarters is an ever-evolving experiential space engaging global innovators, artists and creatives that transcends our expectations of a tradition- al gallery, beyond display.

RVNHUS believes in an experience that moves you. When you leave the gallery you bring something along, you become inspired, or have learned something new. RVNHUS has something to say and share with the people of Kolding, of the world. We believe in letting them become inspired.



We represent the artist’s with a lot of respect. And the highest aim to communicate to audience the artist’s unique touch. When RVNHUS picks an artist it is for a reason and we want to show that to people. The house is perfect for presenting the exhibition in the eyes of the artist. Because the important thing is not how RVNHUS sees it, but rather the story from the artist – the value and the quality.

We not only want to show what the artist does but why. The purpose of the artist’s distinguished style.

The finest aim is to communicate the artist’s expression genuinely and excitingly, tell their story.

Mutual respect towards the artist and collaboration.

For exhibitors and artists