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Glass Art Group Exhibition

05.05 – 10.06.2022

POP-UP GLASS – Glass Art Group Exhibition in collaboration with Galleri Montan



“POP UP GLASS” is the name of a large group exhibition of 5 glass artists; Bjørn Friborg, Maria Bang Espersen, Fredrik Nielsen, Trine Drivsholm, George William Bell, and as “special guest” EGEVÆRK, the winners of “Home-office” category from the TV series “Denmark’s next classic”.

This “POP–UP GLASS” exhibition has been created through a collaboration with Galleri Montan in Copenhagen and RVNHUS in Kolding.
Gallery MONTAN was established in 1992 by gallery owners Lasse Montan and Claus Montan. Today, Claus Montan runs the gallery.

From the address in central Copenhagen, on Bredgade 10, Montan presents modern silver crafts - as the only gallery in Denmark. Leading artists from home and abroad, such as Yuki Ferdinandsen, who in 2015 received the prestigious award, Schoonhoven Silver Award, Carsten From Andersen, Ane Christensen, Olle Olls, Sanghoon Kim, and Shinta Nakajima are represented by the gallery.

We want to create a vibrant and exciting gallery that shows art and artists in a class of their own. RVNHUS is passionate about showing the people of Kolding, the hidden gems from the North and the South, and preferably the rest of the world what art can do.

In the art world today, there is a great focus on – among other things – glass art and sculptural furniture in wood. These are truly artistic expressions that have developed in recent years, and in Denmark, we are so lucky that we have a number of talented glass artists who have also made their mark in galleries abroad. And Egeværk is currently represented at some of the largest international fairs in the world, says Claus Montan.

For Claus Montan art means everything too. Professionally, as well as privately. “There is nothing more soothing than surrounding yourself with the art that you love,” says Claus Montan. Claus Montan has some great advice on what is important when buying art for your home. “Buy only what speaks to you. And rather too much than too little. Never be influenced by the attitude of others. It is you who must live with the art in your home and enjoy it on a daily”. “Invest for your own eyes. If you fall in love with a work, buy it, do not wait! Remember that art is not just works that hang on the wall. Art comes in all forms - and a glass sculpture on the floor can inspire you just as much as a painting on the wall’’, says Claus Montan.




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