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Art Jewelry Group Exhibition

29.10.2021 – 16.01.2022

Let The Jewelry Be Heard – Art Jewelry Group Exhibition



Imagine all the jewelry to desire…

We welcome back our yearly art jewelry exhibition with ‘LET THE JEWELRY BE HEARD’. Leaving the main stage for the art jewelry pieces to be ‘heard’. And ‘heard’ because we believe a better world needs honest craftsmanship and strong statements. We like to communicate with people through art - in any form. And we choose to have this yearly exhibition because art jewelry is a way of expressing ourselves through tactility, form, and beauty. A way to share imagination and inspiration for ground-breaking conversations.

You might wonder why the Art Jewelry has to be heard - RVNHUS believes that Art Jewelry ‘talks’. It is the wearable art pieces and everything that the art piece is made of - and why - that spreads the energy of the artists’ statement. The traditional craftsmanship translated into the artist’s own story. That is why you have to listen… We hope you will enjoy ‘hearing’ them as much as we do.

AMALIE GRAUENGAARD - Copenhagen, Denmark
A unique final bachelor collection of art jewelry by AMALIE GRAUENGAARD - CAPTURED MEMORY. Amalie Grauengaard has created silver jewelry in the form of a pinhole camera that requires you to sit still for 5 minutes in order for the image to take shape. With the jewelry, a moment is immortalized and anchored in the reflections or memories that the silent moment gives birth to, and can help to create more awareness in a busy everyday life. In interaction with the jewelry, the wearer also creates a unique and personal connection between body, place, and object.

ESTHER HEITE - Wuppertal, Germany
Like a sculptor, I am searching for a way to translate my thoughts and observations into the material. I make material sketches and collages, apply or remove material and try to bring forth something that touches the soul. Breaking the rules and limits of the familiar I develop my own techniques and tools to generate a new aesthetic. The explorative approach of technique and material activates in my process a never-ending experimental field of discoveries and innovations. Since my graduation project, I work mainly with stainless steel and fine welding. Rather than trying to disguise the welding dots, they have become a central element of my jewellery making.

With my jewelry, I want to bring the magic of small objects, slender treasures, and the preciousness of imperfections. Each piece is elegant and raw, fragile and monumental, visual and literary, ancient and contemporary. Venice, my city, is a big part of my work in terms of inspiration, point of view, the rhythm is slow, light is watery and statery, memory trapped in every crack, tradition and transgression, melancholy and reiteration.
SURI Jewelry is a research project that also wants to be a hymn to nostalgia, to its humid perfume, its drama, its strength, and its contradictions. Each piece is a tool to reveal anyone’s strength, preciousness, memory, and power.

HONGXIA WANG - Copenhagen, Denmark
Hongxia Wang’s wearable forms carry a poetic approach to the material. Using both conventional goldsmithing materials and found elements, Hongxia redefines traditional processes by allowing intuition to reshape the hand’s craft. Hongxia’s pieces are a narration of personal experience and storytelling, ultimately exuding a sense of harmony and balance in both their form and composition. The work is a reflection of the materials, their function, their manipulated appearance, and metaphoric representations. Her work also allows one to go deeper beyond the physical structures into abstracted textures that speak a new language of jewellery.

KALKIDAN HOEX - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
TheNEWtribe / Kalkidan Hoex
Kalkidan Hoex was adopted from Ethiopia and brought up in the Netherlands. In her multi-disciplinary work, Hoex examines the pervasive feeling of living between two worlds that has followed her for most of her life. The work speaks directly to those she considers a part of her own identity: youth of mixed descent, who were adopted out of their country of origin or had to flee with their families from their birthplace.
Despite the differences in backgrounds and upbringing, she feels that they share common interests and viewpoints. Through her practice, she is exploring the intricacies of her own identity while simultaneously connecting with this group that she identifies as The New Tribe. This series, TheNEWtribe is rooted in the representational practice of black culture, exploring the meaning of identity as posited through current trends and style. Hoex uses hand-drawn comics and stand-alone illustrations to further reinforce the symbolic and educational meaning of her jewelry pieces. The collection plays with a range of techniques, materials, and aesthetics, attempting to find connections and relations between Western and African cultures.
I like real people With Real stories

My jewelry is a record of intentions and consequences, a history of decisions made during the physical act of making. Each piece becomes a quiet investigation into time, material and belief; a tangible catalog of actions bearing the marks of their making, seams highlighted or hidden in turn by their color and finish. Distortion reveals the limits of materiality, while skillful reconstruction seeks to make whole what was once fragmented. This methodical approach allows for new forms to be considered, a systematic approach to capture altered perspectives. Forms become suspended in motion creating new orientations both on and off the body. My jewelry is in a constant state of flux, shifting boundaries physically from my studio to the body. This shift creates a change in the emphasis; the form that was once only suspended in motion is now suspended in wearing.

METTE RAVN - Kolding, Denmark
‘My fascination lies in exploring ceramic materials, abilities, and possibilities. I love to challenge my ceramic competence and challenge the ceramics - to find the outer limits of the ceramic. I’m fascinated by the translucent Crystal Glaze. Crazy in love with the many colors and textures that clay can be - from the wide range of natural earthen colours to my idolization of the Fine White China Clay. Clay is my passion!’
The greatest challenge is always to seek the optimal. You must constantly evolve and can never relax, but it´s also a blessing. Creating an evolving process is always a challenge - you can never relax until you get it going, but when you finally get that feeling….. it is very rewarding for your soul.
As the last student of the ceramic team in 2007, Mette Ravn has graduated from the line of Ceramic Art and Design at The Danish School of Design in Kolding. Furthermore, Mette Ravn has completed multiple courses in Metal - and Silverworks during the 2010s. Since 2007 Mette Ravn is working from her studio situated in Kolding, Denmark. Mette Ravn has worked with Ceramic Art Jewellery in clay and silver for the last 13 years.

METTE T. JENSEN - Copenhagen, Denmark
My designs use 3D forms in sculptural pieces that can be worn but also has an existence on their own. The aim is to make viewers wonder, smile, dream, or see new possibilities.
I work with a mixture of precious and non-precious materials; exploring and using the special characteristics each material holds. The inspiration in some cases being the material itself, or the way it is normally used, in others coming from sculptures, architecture, mathematics, or other areas where interesting forms ask to be translated into jewellery. In my main collection, I use wood and silver; both materials are bent into forms inspired by furniture and ships. The flexibility and lightness of the wood make it possible to create rather large pieces as well as unusual fittings and forms that challenge the imagination.

YUKI SUMIYA - Kamakura, Japan
My work explores the balance and relationship between two different things through materials and forms. I express the artificial and the natural world, or man and nature, by fusing the two materials synthetic fiber stockings and natural lacquer. Using the traditional hollow dry lacquer technique, I try to enjoy the combination of materials and make them faithfully with my hands according to what comes from within. For me, jewellery is a communication tool, and it has the power to affect my daily life.




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